Monday, October 1, 2007

A New Favorite Pattern

I have found myself another pattern that I love, this one differs from others because I can actually see myself making this again. It is the pattern for the Brea Bag; . In one of my online knitting groups someone decided to do this pattern as a Knit along (KAL). So I thought yeah, I'll join in; of course, it took me awhile to get started, that really didn't surprise me. Last week though I decided I was going to start. So I bought some Cascade 220 yarn during a recent yarn store trip and planned on knitting this ASAP.

On Thursday night, I decided to start; what a surprise by Friday night the back panel was completed. Of course I did run into some problems with the directions. Those dreaded "knit the knits and purl the purls as they face you"; but being the nerd that I am I charted out all those even rows (let me just say that helped 100%). After finishing the back I decided I would work on the boring part of the pattern the dreaded moss stitch gusset which I did in a little over a day of on and off knitting. Then came time for the front piece which was started last night and finished today. But once I had the pieces finished I needed to do some 'reverse single crochet'; I knew how to do single crochet; but had never heard of the reverse type. Though, I found some help on that matter; and who knows if I did it right or not it looks good enough to me. So now all that is left is some blocking (YUCK!) and seaming (UGH!) oh and of course a lining; then I'll be done. But hey I think I can consider this a finished object after all I'm close. So here is a little preview please ignore the yarn holding it together...I really need to invest in some safety pins.

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chenchy said...

That came out so fantastic! wowzers Kris!


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