Friday, October 5, 2007

A completed Purse

I am so happy that I finished the Brea Bag! I was able to figure out the reverse single crochet (I think) and even tried making the lining on a sewing machine. Let me just say a sewer I am not... but who sees the lining anyway. This project took me a week of on and off knitting. Casted on last week during Survivor and finished the final sewing in of the lining during this weeks Survivor. Here is a little peek at my lining ...

Now that this is finished I need to finish a Baby Blanket and then get started on some items to wish people a Merry Christmas.
I am also anxiously awaiting my ravelry invite only 2909 people are ahead of me on the list. This seems like it is a great knitting community to belong to and I can't wait to be apart of it. More later......

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meg(aphone) said...

I love this purse! I have often thought about making one myself and now I know I have to.

Good day.


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