Friday, May 9, 2008

Knitting Tragedy

Hey all, I need to lament about a recent FO. The Hemlock Blanket I've been working on. I started the blocking procedure yesterday. Had new pins to use and everything. Stripped my bed and put down some towels all ready to go. Then I soaked the blanket for the blocking process. Now the worst part; when I lifted it out of the water to roll it up in a towel to get out the extra water; some yarn ends became loose and caused a major hole in the “feather fan section”. I thought I’ld be able to pick up the stitches but as it has been drying I’ve noticed more stitches dropped then I first thought. So my pretty blanket that was an FO, will now have to be Frogged and redone. I’m hoping I’ll be able to only take out enough to the mistake; but I usually don’t have much luck with that procedure.

On a happier note I've done some knitting for an upcoming family reunion. I just love some quick knits. So two lucky people will be getting some handknits at an upcoming reunion. I decided to make:

a Market Bag:

and a Water Bottle Carrier.


Welcome to all who have come to read my blog. Please understand that this is a total Work in Progress. I vow to get better as time goes on.