Saturday, January 19, 2008

Swap Time Again

Well it is time for me to participate in another swap. I am so happy that I am a participant in Ravelry. Through ravelry I am able to communicate with a great bunch of people I met in myspace in another knitting group. Unfortunatly, that group got attacked by a numerous amount of offensive spamming. Luckily, one of the members started the group in ravelry and this group is now participating in another swap.
I will be participating in the "hat swap" of this one. I now know who I'll be knitting for; I have decided on the pattern, so now I just need to make a trip to pick up some great yarn.

On another note I happily completed the argosy scarf and had it under the tree for Christmas morning.

My knitting projects for this year are growing by the day 'thanks again to ravelry'. I have decided I am going to work on Christmas presents throughout the year so I will be able to give everyone something knitted. I placed my first order with knit picks and am anxiously awaiting my delivery of some laceweight yarn and some DPNs. I'm a little worried about having to wrap the yarn since I don't own a swift or ball winder.... but hopefully it won't be to difficult. I think I'll definitly order from knit picks again. They contacted me when my shipment was processed and on its way and make it very easy to track your shipment.

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Hi Kris~I found your blog via the I Love Lucy group on Ravelry. Just thought I would take a peek! Isn't it a fun group? Happy knitting and blogging~visit me at


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