Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas I can't believe it is almost here

I can't believe how fast this year has gone and that Christmas is less then one week away. I have stuff that still needs to get accomplished and I don't know if it will.

Luckily all my cookie baking and candy making is done.... okay almost done. This year I've made once again probably too many cookies and I even tried my hand at candy making.

The candy making was an adventure: I made toffee which came out really well and was super easy to make. I loved checking the candy in the water and seeing it get to the harder stages it was so fun to break that thread of sugar.

Besides the toffee I also took a stab at making caramels. Once again it was easier then I thought the only bad thing about the caramels was when it came to wrapping all those individual pieces.

One other thing I made this year will probably weird many people out but oh well. It was a little something featured in the holiday edition of Kraft Food Family; they called them "Mint Thins" it is basically chocolate covered Ritz crackers with peppermint. I know it may sound weird or gross but they really weren't that bad.

As for the cookies I made quite a few:

  1. Chocolate chips
  2. Ginger Krinkles
  3. Chocolate Pistachio Twists
  4. Latte shortbread sticks
  5. Snickerdoodle crescents
  6. Mint stripes
  7. Frosty chews
  8. Sugar cookie cutouts
  9. Bocca di Nonnas
  10. Mocha Hazelnut Biscotti (they still need to be glazed)

Well I'm off to finish a gift I need to finish knitting by tomorrow so I have time to block it. I'm making the Argosy for my mom's Christmas present. I have about 10 more pattern repeats to go and then I need to do section 3. If all goes well hopefully I'll have it done sometime tonight or early tomorrow.


chenchy said...

she will love that!
send me some cookies!!!!!

Knitter Kris said...

I don't think they would travel well. I'm getting close on the scarf.


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